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Police officers have tough jobs, nobody disputes that. Our streets are flooded with guns, which police officers’ fiercest defenders don’t seem to care about. But to paraphrase “Mad Men’s” Don Draper,?that’s what the great benefits, early retirement and generous pensions are for!?They deserve everything they earn and more. But the fact that the job is tough does not mean they are entitled to make citizens grovel before them and offer them unquestioning obeisance.

Bailey is well known around England for his love of fast cars. Since receiving his McLaren P1 late last year, it is estimated he has raised over $30,000 for charity by raffling ride-alongs. He owns roughly 50 supercars, and often loans them to charity events free of charge. He remains good friends with former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, too; indeed his LaFerrari is being used in the “Clarkson, Hammond and May Live” world tour. Bailey spent a number of days in the hospital following the crash, with his condition described as “serious but stable.” On Saturday, six days after the crash, he was reportedly discharged and cleared to return home to England. The investigation into the incident continues. -

When I??m in a group of moms and the put-downs or self-doubts start ?? ??Am I pathetic for holding her so much??? ??I am terrible at getting us fed and out the door,?? ??I have no clue what I??m doing!?? ?? I feel uncomfortable, and I often wonder if there??s something wrong with me for not feeling so insecure. But I try to spread the love. ??You totally know what you??re doing,?? I say. ??Trust yourself.??

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